K-12 Services


Designing innovative STEM projects

Scratch is a visual programming language developed by MIT Media Lab, Boston. It’s a great way for students to learn about computing logic all the while expressing their thoughts and ideas. Developing computational thinking begins with gaining the self confidence to communicate with a computer to create something using your own imagination. Scratch helps students find their voice and express it through creative computing.


Today, proficiency in technology is a skill that is high in demand. Coding with Scratch empowers students with a foundational fluency in ICT literacy, paving the way for deeper student engagement with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields.


Using stories as a canvas to explore, connect and change the world

Storytelling is the way that humans make sense of events in their life. Storytelling builds imagination. We believe in Einstein’s idea that ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’. Ultimately, it is imagination and creativity which are the secret sauces that bring content knowledge to life with disruptive innovation and sustainable social change.


Effective leaders are great storytellers & visionaries with a strong imagination who know how to take action, turning their ideas into reality. Our Creative Learning with Stories programs are geared toward building such a foundation.


 Making the critical shift from media consumers to effective media creators

Our engagement with media has increased rapidly and students are now media consumers. Students need to deconstruct media and think critically so that they are able to use media to their advantage as opposed to the other way round.


Using design thinking to create sustainable innovations

This program is designed for students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset using the design thinking approach to solve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Each Studio will go through a guided inquiry with their mentors to understand the real world issues. They will work with mentors from the field to develop innovative solutions to the problem.


They will pitch these ideas to real world entrepreneurs and others from the field who can evaluate their thoughts & give them feedback on how to pitch.


Turning your fears into opportunities for growth and inculcating the growth mindset

This program gives students the tools & processes to turn their fear of a subject into a pathway to inculcate a growth mindset. Turning their weakness into an opportunity for growth & challenge themselves.

COLLEGE & CAREER PATHWAYS Tapping into your potential

Career Pathways gives you a comprehensive step by step program spearheaded by Educationist, Mrs. Rupangi Sharma, who has studied at Harvard and worked with MIT Media Lab.

We will develop roadmaps for students in secondary grades with evaluative IQ & EQ assessments, coupled with reflective and exploratory thinking in hands on sessions.


We will also work with the students who are in the process of applying and help them write engaging SOPs tailor-made for each school.


Unifying the mind and body

We offer counselling services for -



Anger Issues

Stress management

Eating disorders

Weight management

Growth Mindset

Time management

Speech Therapy

Special Needs

We work with a stellar network of experienced counsellors to help parents & students connect with the right counsellor for their needs, at the right time.


 Effectively communicate your unique brand of self

Our Personality Development workshops offer students a chance to work on their confidence and presentation style. It allows them to get in touch with their inner voice and find their unique style of expression and communication.


Getting your first impression right, how to interact with others, how to make conversation - these are just some of the aspects that we will cover.

Higher Education & Upskilling Services


 Navigate the workplace effectively

Our soft skills development workshops offer professionals a chance to work on their self confidence and presentation style. 


Getting their first impression right, how to interact with others, how to deal with conflict - these are just some of the aspects that we will cover.


Communicate with confidence

This is the essential English Language toolkit for effective communication with peers, managers and superiors at the workplace.


Professionals will improve their language skills, both spoken and written, learning to communicate effectively both in person and online.


Innovate as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur

Design Thinking is a process that acts as a catalyst for innovation. 


Taking the human centric approach to develop solutions for the problems an organization is solving can be transformational.

These sessions can be for organizations trying to innovate, or working professionals interested in professional development in this area.