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How can you prepare today's learners for an unpredictable future?


EFG Learning develops programs that nurture lifelong creative learning based on globally established best practices in education. 

We offer services to education organizations, parents and students that are guaranteed to build confident learners ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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Rupangi Sharma, Founder & CEO

In the field of education, Rupangi's focus has been on the power of technology & innovation and its transformational role in learning and teaching. She was previously the Head of Content & Pedagogy at a non profit ed-tech solution provider for low-income schools. 

In her first year of teaching, she developed a subject called 'Creative Learning' which she taught to 650 students across Grades 1-5. Over the years, she has developed and taught across the curriculum for Grades K-12, at reputed CBSE, IB and IGCSE schools. 


She has worked with the Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET) as a panelist on their advisory board. The panel was specially assembled to design the ICT in Education Curricula to meet the recommendations of The National Policy on ICT in School Education, developed by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.


She has also worked with the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab, Boston, Riverside School (Ahmedabad), RN Podar School, Oberoi International School, among other leading educational institutions in India and abroad. 

She has studied education technology at Harvard Graduate School of Education, Boston and social communications media at Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai.

She is a published author and editor. She has edited India Alive (Academic Foundation, 2014). She has also published her non-fiction story, Friendship ‘On Wheels’, in Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul: On Friendship (Westland, 2011). Her novel, A Life of My Own, about gender-biased sex selection, is available on Amazon. Her latest release with Penguin's Puffin imprint: Young Indian Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Change-makers, profiles 65 young Indian innovators, entrepreneurs and change-makers between the ages of 7-21. 

Our Pedagogy anchor


The first year I taught Creative Learning (a subject that I developed to inspire learners to become creators using tools like writing & media), my students' reactions surprised me...

In the beginning, my students were bewildered! How can we write stories? We are not authors and then slowly, they were writing 2…3…4…pages and then they got together to write a group novel. One of my students called me and said, "Ma’am I can’t stop thinking about how I, a 5th Grader, am writing a novel! It’s such a great feeling!"


As their writing and observation skills improved, I threw a challenge at them: Would they be able to use their academic subjects as inspiration while writing stories?

This is one of the stories that resulted from asking this question (and let me add that this magical story was  written by a student who had dyslexia with poor scores in English) -

The simple machines live in a forest and suddenly their habitat is endangered, a builder wants to construct a complex right in the midst of it. So the simple machines gang up and dismantle the other machines used for construction. With a happy ending, the builder gives up his ambitious project.

Today, through our offerings at EFG Learning we hope that our programs will help learners joyously push their own boundaries to develop their innate talents and skills with a growth mindset.

GSB -  Future of Work Webinar : Rupangi Sharma

GSB - Future of Work Webinar : Rupangi Sharma

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